Friday, October 9, 2009

I ♥ Faces Fix-It Friday

It's another wonderful Friday! That means I ♥ Faces is holding another Fix-It Friday. Last week was a special Critique Friday and although I got some wonderful advice, I really missed "fixing" a photo. This week we have a beautiful little guy that Kim from My Family's Circus submitted. Her nephew is adorable!

I prefer to leave my pictures of children as they were. While others might see the food on his face as flaws, I see them as the little boy was at this stage in his life. Kids are messy, no doubt about that. So I didn't patch the flecks on his nose or cheek. I wanted to leave them there. I think they're cute. I loved the photos the contributors did and I will admit that taking the food away made for an amazing portrait, but I'm just a mom who likes to leave the food there. Lol! Enjoy!

My version:


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