Monday, January 4, 2010


Christmas was fun this year. Rushed as always but fun! Here are some momarazzi photos from our holiday.

When my son was four my grandmother bought him a suit for Christmas. He thought it was the best thing ever! This is the third Christmas that she has bought him a suit and he still loves opening the gift and modeling his new clothes! Mr. GQ.

While shopping at Kohl's a few days before Christmas I found this dress for Isabelle and her baby, Mary. Even though the dress was not my all-time favorite, I had to have it because her and her baby would match. They look adorable together!!

Every Christmas Eve the kids get new jammies. Usually they match but the time has come that their sizes no longer jive with matching jammies. So this year they got jammies that represent our trip to Disney. Even though Spongebob isn't necessarily Disney, we did see him at Universal Studios on our vacation.

Since Thanksgiving the only thing Isabelle asked for was a dollhouse. I guess it was good that I had already planned on giving her my dollhouse from my childhood. My grandfather made me this dollhouse for my second birthday. That was 31 years ago!! My husband sanded, painted and put new hardware on this house that my daughter now can call her own. I love that.

Alex's number one wish for Christmas was an electric guitar. Santa came through and brought him one with a built-in amp. It's not too loud, thus making mom and dad very happy!

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