Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I have how many Disney pictures???

All together, I have about 1200 pictures and videos to go through from Disney. How crazy is that? I took my Nikon to the parks, the water camera to the pool, my dad's Flip Video to the park's and my dad's small Kodak mini golfing. On top of that, I let Alex use my old Kodak digital camera at some of the parks.

If that weren't bad enough, I uploaded my MIL's SD card to my computer and she had 1000 pictures. I whittled that folder down to just 195 photos.

I have no idea when I will actually be done going through my Disney stuff but I really wanted to get some pictures up here.

This photo was overexposed so I tweaked it a little to look animated. It looks much better this way.
My guys in their matching t-shirts.
Really big slush drinks at the T-Rex cafe.
The famous Mickey ice cream pop.
What a princess looks like after eating said ice cream pop.

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