Friday, September 25, 2009

My Fix-It Friday #5

This week at I Heart Faces we have "Wee Man" shot by his momma Catherine. She explains the reason the picture is dark and says that it is due to "Mommy Brain". As moms we sometimes suffer from this "mommy brain", it really should be an actual diagnosis! Lol! So below is my Fix-It of her cute little boy at the beach. I went a totally different way this week and turned the one picture into a watercolor. The other I played around with in camera raw until I found what I liked. I think the vignette is a bit much though. Hope you enjoy it!

The original:


  1. Hi again! Thank you for your nice comments on my edits :). I used the community version (free) of Noiseware to smooth everything out. With the free version you have to save the picture separately, pull it into Noiseware, run the program (I used the portrait setting), and save again as a new file name. Then I pulled it back into PSE5 and layered the filtered file over the original file and changed the opacity to about 87%. That way it's not quite so smooth. It's still really smooth though, LOL! I hope that helps. You can find the free version of Noiseware here: Scroll all the way to the bottom. I hope that helps!

  2. Great job! I'm always so hesitant to 'try something different' :) It adds a unique look to the picutre! The second one is great too!