Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First Day of First Grade

Is there anything better than the smell of new crayons or new erasers? A started first-grade yesterday and he loved it. Although he said he was going to be sad, he jumped out of the car so fast at drop-off that he forgot his backpack. We had to tell him he was forgetting something kind of important! It was hard watching him go off into that big school without me but life is going to be full of opportunites for him and I, some he'll do alone and some I'll walk with him.

Below is a photo of my handsome boy standing in the spot where we used to take pictures of him in front of a tree. (In fact, two posts below you can see the tree.) He has had three first-day photos taken since starting preschool and they were always in front of the Bradford Pear tree in our yard. Unfortunately last winter proved too much for the old gal and she split in two. I had A stand in the new grass where the tree used to be. He is so sweet. You can click for a larger picture.

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