Friday, March 12, 2010

iheartfaces Fix It Friday - Pinball

Pinball can be a mesmerizing game to watch. The lights and the sounds are probably too much for a child to pass up. Such is the case with this week's Fix It Friday by Amy Pinney.

I will try and go through the steps I took but sometimes I make so many changes that I forget what I did.


My edit:

1. Used levels and curves to adjust exposure.
2. Cropped.
3. Cloned to take the blue shirt out of the corner.
4. Used the Florabella Cappuccino texture.
5. Cropped a bit more.
6. Used the magnetic lasso at 5feather to select her face.
7. Ran Gaussian blur so that I could get the color but not the actual texture on her face.
8. Dodged the eyes a bit to make them stand out more.
9. The green in the background was distracting me so I lassoed that and desaturated.
10. Touched up the face to make the green completely gone.


  1. I love your edit. I too had a little trouble with the shirt in the background, I like how you tackled that challenge.