Monday, February 8, 2010

Momarazzi Monday

I always thought that Momarazzi Monday required "photos that aren't posed, just capturing real-life", to quote myself, but I also think it could be when I force my poor children to not play for 5 minutes so that I can get the photo I want.

Take this puddle for instance. It was from snow that had melted earlier in the day and all my poor kids wanted to do was play in the puddle and what was left from the pitiful snow. However, I could not resist the reflection I saw in the puddle.

1. Hey, your reflections look really cool. Can you guys stay still for a second so I can get a picture?
2. No, I need you to stay still. See the water, it's moving, I need it to be still. Just one more minute I swear.
3. Yay they stood still. But now their reflections look like zombies. Either that or children whose mother was crazy and if they wanted to play they better stay still for just a "second". ;-)

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