Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cancer Part 2

Yesterday it was confirmed that my mom has esophageal cancer. It's apparently a rare form but the doctor is confident that it's treatable. My mom seems to be handling this news with the same grace she did the first time she was diagnosed with cancer. It's ironic actually. Twelve years ago this month she had a bone marrow transplant to kill the leukemia she was diagnosed with four months earlier. It worked. Her doctor said that if she could beat the type of leukemia she had before then she can beat this cancer.
This news is really crappy to hear but even moreso during the holiday season. I'm just storming heaven with prayers that her PET scan on Friday shows no metastasis to other organs. If it does, we have a big problem. So for now I'm going to keep praying that it hasn't spread. I need my mom. My sister and brother need my mom. My dad needs my mom. My kids need their grandmother. She's a blessing to us all.
In honor of my mom, I have gathered some of my favorite photos of her.

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