Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Twitter Moms and Target Thanksgiving Traditions

Twitter Moms and Target are hosting a contest! You simply have to tell us three Thanksgiving traditions you are or are planning on passing down to your children.

For us we do the following:

1. Snuggle on the couch and watch the parades. Get some popcorn and the remote and just flip back and forth between the channels. It's fun to see the different floats and acts the parades have.

2. Eat pumpkin pie with whipped cream! Yum-O! It's the only time we have pumpkin pie and my son loves to pile on the whipped cream!

3. Thankful Turkey feathers. I draw a turkey and then about ten days before Thanksgiving I add construction paper feathers to his back listing the things we are thankful for. It makes a great little decoration for Thanksgiving!

1 comment:

  1. So sweet - love the Thanksgiving turkey idea. Fun.