Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Photo Included in Pioneer Woman Assignments!

Over at the Pioneer Woman photography page they hold assignments every once in a while. The most recent was an assignment to use textures. Since having bought the Florabella textures (Thank You!!) a few weeks ago I have been going crazy texturizing all sorts of photos. I submitted several photos to the assignment and low and behold one of them was featured on her site today! It is the sixth one down of a wild horse we saw while on vacation in February. I'm so excited to be featured on her site, I can't even tell you! Here is the photo that is featured:

Here is the original photo, it's amazing what a few tweaks in Photoshop and some textures can do to a photo!


  1. Oh my goodness!! Congratulations! That's like being chosen for an Academy Award or something. :) The photo is beautiful

  2. that is a cool shot (I adore horses) and congrats on winning! How do you use textures anyway? In Photoshop only?