Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Momarazzi Monday (On Tuesday)

Being a momarazzi sometimes requires stealth and swift movement. You know, so your kids don't know you have your camera. You're stalking them, checking them out, waiting in the wings until they do the cutest thing and then you leap out and snap away. Ok, maybe it doesn't quite work that way but I thought Momarazzi Monday would be a great way to show off the photos I've taken that required a little more than "Look at mommy", "Where's mommy's camera?" "Please, just look at me one time".

This week we have Isabelle caught in her baby doll's pack n' play. She was just sitting there holding her doll. Then when she turned around I noticed that she had her "nukie" in her mouth and that's why she was so quiet. She knows that the "nukie" is only for bedtime. Talk about being stealthy! That girl is already a pro.

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