Friday, August 28, 2009


The other day I found out that I am part of a group of women known as "momarazzi". While I have found several definitions for this elite group, my favorite one is "A mom who doggedly pursues her children to take photos." That is so me. I chase after my poor children imploring them to please look at the camera just this once. Which inevitably turns into twice, three times etc. While I have always loved taking pictures, once I had kids it just exploded. Then last December I finally bit the bullet and bought a Nikon D80. And to top it all off, I recently purchased Photoshop CS4 Extended. I'm obsessed. Seriously.

Now I search the internet for photography blogs, photographer blogs, Nikon forums and momarazzi (mamarazzi to some) blogs.

My newest favorite site is I Heart Faces. Totally addicted. In fact, I decided this morning to do the Fix-It Friday Challenge. That post will be coming after this, as soon as I come up with something I like. Remember, I am a total amateur at this stuff. Please be kind. Lol!

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